Mary Robinson becomes pescatarian, urges people to ‘get angry’ over climate change

Those who wish to make a meaningful contribution to tackling climate change should make it a personal issue in their lives and do something, climate justice campaigner Mary Robinson has said.

She had become a pescatarian, eating fish but not meat, she said, though she loved to eat lamb from the west of Ireland. There were many ways people could pursue climate action, such as reducing waste or recycling more.

“Having done your bit,” she said, “get angry” in the pursuit of transformative policies to tackle climate change from businesses, governments and other sectors such as agriculture.

In an address after she was presented with the Emily Winifred Dickson Award by Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, the former president said the third step she favoured was imagining what a world of clean energy, “a healthy world” with no fossil fuels, would look like in coming decades. The other vital ingredient, she believed, was hope as “it creates energy and doing”.

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