Judgment day is here – see you in court September 19th!


It’s been seven months since our historic hearing in January – and now we’re finally returning to the High Court for the result! 

Please join us Thursday the 19th of September at 1pm on the Quays by the Four Courts (Inns Quay, Dublin). The support you gave the case during the hearing was so heartening and powerful and it would be brilliant to see you there!

We will gather for photos on the Quays by the Four Courts at 1pm and from there we’ll go together to the courtroom to hear judgment delivered. We won’t know the precise courtroom until the evening before but we will let you know as soon as we know! The judgment is public – anyone and everyone is welcome – subject only to space availability in the courtroom! 

NB. As was the case with the hearing: the delivery of judgment is not suitable for a rally or demonstration; we ask supporters not to bring posters/banners along, and to observe the court rules (mobile phones switched off or in silent mode; no taking of photos or video in court; devices can be used to take notes but it’s prohibited to record proceedings using an electronic device; no social media from the court).

Thank you to our amazing 17,000 + supporters standing with us from near and far. Regardless of the outcome, the movement has only begun.