Climate protests in Dublin: ‘We are scared. We are angry’

Along with about 300 others, we gathered at Leinster House this Tuesday to urge the State to take action to prevent global warming. The protest was covered in the RTE news this morning, you can see us with our Climate Case Ireland banner at about 30:30. The Irish Times also wrote a piece on the protect, which can be found here. As the article explains:

“The rally was organised in response to the IPCC report and the Government’s failure to increase carbon tax in last week’s budget by DEC, Stop Climate Chaos (SCC) coalition, Young Friends of the Earth and the Not Here Not Anywhere group, which campaigns against fossil fuel exploration. It was attended by more than 300 people.”

Really great to see how the urgency of the problem is increasingly being picked up on by the press. Keep following the updates on this website for further news.