Climate change is a threat to all of us, yet the Irish Government’s climate policy is weak and unambitious. Ireland’s carbon emissions are among the highest per capita in the EU and they continue to rise. We’re taking the Government to court to demand more climate action. We need your support to show the Government that this case is for all of us.

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This legal action taken by Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE) is the first case in Ireland in which citizens are seeking to hold their government accountable for its role in knowingly contributing to dangerous levels of climate change. The case seeks to build on FIE’s recent legal successes, including the recognition in 2017 of an unwritten right to environmental protection in the Irish Constitution.

The extreme impacts of climate change are beginning to hit home in Ireland, from severe flooding through ex-Hurricane Ophelia to the ‘Beast from the East’ (caused by disruption of the polar vortex as a result of exceptionally warm Arctic temperatures) and the summer drought in 2018. We need to act urgently to ensure this (and worse) does not become the new normal for us and for our children and grandchildren.


Amongst the many impacts of climate change, the World Health Organization has estimated that about 250,000 additional people will die as a result of climate change each year from 2030 to 2050. So the impacts of climate change are being and will be felt in our time, and they can be counted in millions of unnecessary and preventable deaths. Our case calls on the Irish government to act now to help prevent such suffering.

This case is for everyone in Ireland, young and old. We’re hoping the case will capture imaginations here and abroad and galvanise a movement pushing for ambitious and urgent action.
Explore our website for more information on the case, how to sign up to support the case, and how to get involved.